With a photojournalist for a father and a reporter who took her own photos for a grandmother, photography & story telling is in my blood.

During the school year, you’ll find me at schools across Mid-Missouri in my position as a Specialty Photographer for Inter-State Studios. I earned the Best of the Best award from Inter-State Studios for the region in Sports/Groups portraiture in my very first season with them!

I began my photographic education shadowing R.J. Oriez on Arkansas football fields. At the age of 11 he handed me an Canon AT-1 (which hangs on my office wall now) with the instructions to stand near the 1st down marker and “see what you get.” Well I got something, and would continue to shadow my dad on sports shoots for the next decade. He remains one of my favorite photographers to collaborate with.

After working on my high school newspaper, attending seminars in both photography and the role of media in society, earning a Bachelor of Journalism with an emphasis in photojournalism from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and an internship with the Public Affairs Office at FE Warren AFB, I continue to love working behind the camera to capture moments and memories to last a life time.

When not behind the camera, I enjoy snuggles with my amazing dog Nyx, and playing with horses as a hunter/jumper rider.

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